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Vnc server change resolution
Vnc server change resolution

Vnc server change resolution

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How do I find where the resolution is stored, to change it? I tried following articles with other ways to get vnc plus a gnome desktop started, but[ubuntu] Headless 12.04 Only Displays 800x600 10 posts28 Oct 2012[ubuntu] 11.10 VNC "Screen" Resolution (Headless)4 posts21 Feb 2012[ubuntu] HOWTO: headless, custom xorg resolution 3 posts24 Aug 2011More results from ubuntuforums.orgChanging Screen Resolution for the VNC Viewer - iPlant Pods 3, 2014 - Changing screen resolution for the VNC Viewer. If necessary, launch the VNC Viewer. In the VNC Viewer window, click the System menu, point

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Note: If you change a geometry, you must restart VNC Server in Virtual Mode in resolution is controlled by the value assigned to the -geometry X Server option. Apr 28, 2013 - How to change the screen resolution in VNC viewer for Ubuntu 12.04 $xrandr --output S2 --mode 1440x900_60.00 xrandr: Server RandR I tried setting the default screen resolution by user acount and this did not work. Any ideas on how 3, 2010 - Is it possible to change the resolution of the viewer specified during starting of the vnc server with the geometry command line argument?

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Jun 25, 2012 - I referred: Changing the resolution of a VNC session in linux. I don't have root permission to update the newer vncserver version, so following Aug 19, 2008 - At work I have a 20" monitor that runs at 1600x1200, while at home I use my laptop with its resolution of 1440x900. If I set the vncserver to run at Feb 1, 2012 - Is it possible to specify a desktop resolution for the built-in ubuntu 11.10 vnc server? It defaults to 640x480 when I have no monitor connected NAME. vncserver - a wrapper to launch an X server for VNC. Xvnc options at the command line. They will be added to the invocation of Xvnc without changes.

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